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Here are the most frequently asked questions about Brian Daly and his magic skills…

  1. Brian Daly Magician interviewAre you in the magic Circle? I am in the Society of Irish Magicians which is the Irish equivalent of the magic circle and have been a member for over a decade. I’m also secretary of the Society which means I know the secret handshake. Really.

  2. How often do you practice? At least a little bit every day, and some days I practice all day.

  3. How often do you learn new magic tricks? Constantly. I’m always putting new numbers into my act and updating my repertoire.

  4. Do you invent your own tricks? Yes, more and more frequently I create my own minor miracles.

  5. Do the tricks ever go wrong? Ha ha a few times yes, I’ve been caught while I was learning to steal peoples watches and pick pockets, but I don’t take it too seriously and I just got on with the show and making sure everyone had a good time.

  6. Where did you learn magic? In prison. Not really, it started in kindergarten, then I got magic sets and books and joined the Society of Irish Magicians and it turned into my full time job from there.

  7. Where are you based and where do you work? I’m based in Dublin but I cover the entire island of Ireland and regularly travel to perform at festivals around the country.

  8. Do you have a rabbit? Actually no, but I do have a psychic skunk, yes you read that correctly. Her name is Sally and she’s a bit of a lunatic, does impressions and circus tricks and for the grand finale she reads peoples minds for real, it has to be seen to be believed really.

  9. Do you have a real job? If by “real” job you mean working 9-5 in some heartless corporation to make some fat cat in a suit rich, then I’m happy to say, no I don’t have a “real job”. Magic is how I make my living. I am a professional messer.

  10. What’s your best trick? Tricks are like songs, each person has their favourites but it’s hard to say which is best. Personally I like taking people’s watches without them seeing, because if they act up or heckle, I could just keep their watch.And last but not least, the top question Brian gets asked…

  11. How did you do that? That one will have to go unanswered for now but… if you’d like to learn some cool magic tricks check out my “How to do Magic DVD” here.

If you have any other questions for Brian feel free to give him a call on 087 9090 853.
or email

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